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Privacy Policy

Grupo Libra is committed to the security and privacy of the information collected though our portal

This policy defines how Grupo Libra handles the information from users at our website www.grupolibra.com.br.

All information and news from Grupo Libra portal may be accessed without the need to provide personal data and/or other pieces of information. For certain actions, for instance, the résumé submission, the user shall make his or data available, but is aware of the related purpose. In such case, the user declares that he or she agrees with the following conditions:

1. At Grupo Libra portal, information and personal data are collected ethically and legally and are stored securely;
2. Only authorized and trained people will have access to information and personal data collected though Grupo Libra portal;
3. The Grupo Libra does not disclose or market the personal data of its portal users, abiding by the legislation and/or legal provisions;
4. The Grupo Libra may use personal data from its portal users to develop general statistical data, without, however, disclosing the personal data collected;

This Privacy Policy is subject to continuous improvements and enhancements which may be done unilaterally, without prior notification to its users. Please read the policy prior to filling out the forms.